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Thank you very much for your order, please return your completed payment envelope back to school/nursery before the order day to ensure all orders are confirmed.

Schools & nurseries

This page will help you to best prepare for the shoot. Our aim as we said above is to give your children a fun time and unforgettable experience. With this in mind we have developed our filming day to achieve this aim. Unlike the photographer or even some video companies the Kids Klub experience is about an interaction with the children. Working closely with the staff we try to organise a day that the children will get the most enjoyment from. With some venues we have all the children together at the start chatting to them about what is going on, making them feel at ease, explaining some of the technical details to older children but most importantly building a rapport with the cameraperson.

We soon find a confident little person to kick things off and once the rest have watched their friends enjoying themselves the hands all go up for the next person to jump into the Jeep, boat or sleigh. It soon becomes a room full of young children encouraging their friends, clapping, cheering and waving as they see the next person appear on TV. With TV screens for the child in the adventure to see and a screen for the watching audience to see, everyone gets immersed in what's going on and don't forget they get their preview films on the day of filming to take home and show the rest of the family.

Tips for the shoot

Please ensure you follow the indications below:

Please don't dress your child in blue or bright purple as this blends with the background screen.

It's nice to match clothing to the theme, e.g. winter clothes for the Christmas adventure.

Treat our film day like a photo shoot, dress smart-casual to enjoy it for years to come.


  • Who are Koko and Kids Klub Productions?

    Koko is the fun face of Kids Klub Productions, who have been the leading brand in the video keepsake market for the past 15 years. Our professional, top quality and trustworthy service has established us as the preferred supplier of keepsake DVDs to more nurseries and pre-schools in the UK than any other company.

  • What exactly does Kids Klub do?

    We turn your children into film stars by providing a fun, interactive and educational activity which brings together our cutting edge film technology with your collection of budding actors to produce an unforgettable DVD memory for children and parents.

  • Do you need a lot of space to make movies?

    Not at all! When we come to your setting, we need a space of about 12 x 12 feet to set up a mini film studio. It takes between 45 minutes to an hour to do this, after which time, we're ready to say "Action!". We'll then use all our special effects to give each child (or siblings together) a chance to make their very own five minute adventure movie and to have it on a DVD to remember forever.

  • What sort of adventures could our children go on?

    They could be riding a jeep through the jungles of Africa and waving to lions and elephants in "Safari Adventure", or they could sail their boat on the high seas and talk to dolphins, penguins and turtles in "Sea Adventure" - in "Mini Beast Adventure", we even "shrink" the children to ride around the garden and interact with giant snails and frogs. At Christmas, they go flying in a sleigh to the North Pole to visit Santa and Rudolph in "Christmas Adventure". We offer other themes as well, and are continually investing in producing new and innovative adventures.

  • Is it a lot of trouble for to organise a filming day?

    No. Once you've booked us, we provide you with all the materials you need to advertise the day to your parents. On the filming day, all your normal activites can continue, as noise does not affect the filming process. In fact, it's a very social event, we prefer it if some of the other children and staff form an audience to cheer and clap along. It makes for fun films.

  • Do parents have to wait long for the films?

    Absolutely not! We believe it is very important to keep the excitement going on the day of filming, so we provide preview DVDs for each child to give to their parents on the day. Parents or carers can watch these at home as many times as they like - they can then decide if they want to purchase the final DVD or not - there is no obligation to buy.

  • How do parents order their DVDs?

    Simple! They are provided with an order envelope with their preview dvd. They just fill it in, enclose their payment or order via our website, and return the envelope with the preview disc back to you. After a week or so, we'll telephone you and take the orders, which takes about five minutes, and then after another week, we'll deliver the orders in person to you - because we have regional offices around the UK, your main contact will live in your area and offer a very personal service.

  • How secure is the service you provide?

    Security is paramount to us. It is a very secure process and all Kids Klub employees are fully CRB checked . All unwanted preview DVDs are erased immediately. We keep our master DVDs for 12 months before we erase them. This allows us to replace any defective or damaged discs for up to 12 months after filming.

  • It all sounds fun, but what are the benefits for nurseries and schools?

    It certainly is fun, but there are practical benefits for schools too. To begin with, it helps to raise funds for you. You pay us absolutely nothing to come and visit you - in fact, we pay you commission on any sales we make. Secondly, our activity is educational and contributes towards the curriculum. And finally, it's something cool and innovative which most parents won't have seen before.

  • How can we make a booking with you?

    Easy! Just go to the "Contact your area" section of our website to find the details of your nearest Kids Klub office. Alternatively, fill in the enquiry form on the same page and someone will contact you.

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